Wedding Officiant Services

We are a wedding officiant company unlike any others. We thrive for exotic weddings. We specialize in Themed, Adventure & Same-Sex Weddings! Lets make your special day truly magical — grab a Goofy Wedding Officiant!

Wedding Services

Themed Wedding

Wedding Themes are a hit these days! Our Officiants specialize in themes. We're experts at Live-Action Role Playing wedding themes. Whether youre looking for a Beetlejuice Ordained Minister, a Dumbledore Officiant or any other unique idea, book your Officiant today!

Go Themed

Adventure Wedding

Although fairly uncommon, another service we excel in is adventure weddings! From floating in the sky in hot air balloons to floating down a river, weve performed some pretty exotic weddings. If youre looking to get married on a mountain peak or in a submarine contact us today, we love the thrill!!

Go Adventure

Same-Sex Marriage

Male Female, Lady Lady, Dude Dude; we dont discriminate! We believe everyone should be equally as happy as everyone else. Were more than happy to wed two loving couples. Gay marriage is now legal throughout the US, contact us today to begin your same-sex wedding!

Go Same-Sex

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