Wedding Ideas | May 28, 2017

Our wedding theme of the week is a Supernatural wedding!

In Supernatural, the Winchester Brothers follow their Fathers footsteps in hunting evil and saving the world. This wedding theme is sure to be a hit with the cult following Supernatural has with their fans. Ahem, fan fiction.

With the show having over a decade of seasons, there have been a lot of different relationships. It can be quite difficult for the Bride Groom to figure out who they want to portray.

Lets say the groom wants to be Sam. The bride can be any of the following: Meg, Ruby, Sarah, Madison, Becky, Dr. Roberts, or possibly Amelia.

Dean as the groom. The bride can be any of the following: Cassie, Layla, Carmen, Anna, Bela, Lisa or possibly Jo.

And then there is always the option of choosing well over a dozen other characters. Crowley, Castiel, Bobby, there are soo many we can list! Dare we travel into the land of fanfiction? Supernatural themed wedding starring Destial or Wincest?

We can even dive deeper and have a Good vs Evil theme to it. All of the groomsmen can wear blacked-out contacts as the demons and the bridesmaids can all wear outfits equipped with angel-wings(similar to Castiel/Nina Winkler in the 200th episode/musical, Fan Fiction). Perform iconic scenes such as splashing holy water on the demons.

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