Wedding Ideas | May 7, 2017

Our wedding theme of the week is a Shrek wedding theme!

A themed wedding based on the extremely popular animated Shrek movies may be the best themed wedding idea around!

The entire series is based on true love. A grumpy Ogre discovers his one true love and their lives are forever changed! It would be quite an easy character to get into as well.

The lively bride can transform after the perfect wedding kiss and show her Ogre side at the wedding reception. Both wedding parties can easily get into character as well. The Shrek series is loaded with lovable characters from Donkey to The Gingerbread Man. It would be fitting to have the in-laws represent the Shrek villians like Lord Farquaad, Prince Charming, Fairy Godmother, Rumpelstiltskin. The most fitting position would without a doubt be Donkey as the Minister. Our Ministers are able to perform the jackass role nearly as good as Eddie Murphy.

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